Veni Creator – Czeslaw Milosz

Come, Holy Spirit, bending or not bending the grasses, appearing or not above our heads […]

Come, Holy Spirit,
bending or not bending the grasses,
appearing or not above our heads in a tongue of flame,
at hay harvest or when they plough in the orchards or when snow
covers crippled firs in the Sierra Nevada.
I am only a man: I need visible signs.
I tire easily, building the stairway of abstraction.
Many a time I asked, you know it well, that the statue in church
lifts its hand, only once, just once, for me.
But I understand that signs must be human,
therefore call one man, anywhere on earth,
not me—after all I have some decency—
and allow me, when I look at him, to marvel at you.


2 responses to “Veni Creator – Czeslaw Milosz”

  1. Ken says:

    Hear Me

    Hear me, Lord, for I am a sinner, which means I have nothing except prayer.

    Protect me from the day of dryness and impotence.

    When neither a swallow’s flight nor peonies, daffodils and irises in the flower market are a sign of Your glory.

    When I will be surrounded by scoffers and unable, against their arguments, to remember any miracle of Yours.

    When I will seem to myself an impostor and swindler because I take part in religious rites.

    When I will accuse You of establishing the universal law of death.

    When I am ready at last to bow down to nothingness and call life on earth a devil’s vaudeville.

    – Czeslaw Milosz

  2. Bill says:

    Religion Comes

    Religion comes from our pity for humans.

    They are too weak to live without divine protection.

    Too weak to listen to the screeching noise of the turning of infernal

    Who among us would accept a universe in which there was not one voice

    Of compassion, pity, understanding?

    To be human is to be completely alien amid the galaxies.

    Which is sufficient reason for erecting, together with others, the temples of an unimaginable mercy.

    Czeslaw Milosz

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