Dear You

“Here is your invite to come alive every night; to live for more than what
meets the eye.”

Mockingbird / 9.13.21

Grateful for this poem by Tanner Olson of Written to Speak. This poem, along with others, is featured in his book, I’m All Over The Place: A Book of Poems + Prayers + Wonderings.


I wrote this for you.
An unfinished, never-finished poem played like a symphony from my soul.
Note after note, written, scribbled, rewritten and rescribbled.
These words were written to speak.
To stretch like humbled hands to the lost, broken, and the weak.
Gather round, stand or take a seat.

Dear you,
You in the front to you in the back, and all the hears that fill the vacant
To the couple cuddled close and their third-wheel driver.
To the lonely wall clinger and New York City cab rider
To the daughter who can’t come to acceptance with her genetics
and spends hours hiding under applied cosmetics.

This is written for you.

To the suit-wearers and briefcase-carriers
and to the homeless men they pass each day.
To the guild-stained mind who forgot about new mercies found in the sunrise
To the lost teaching that H-O-P-E
comes hand in hand with L-O-V-E
and it’s been on sale for F-R-E-E.
To the soaked-shoe school boy walking the wet Portland streets
To the beautiful, bright redhead whose only been known as, “that redhead.”
and to the single mother raising three kids while juggling her six part
time jobs on her ten tired fingers,
This is written for you.
To the confused geek and sensitive jock
To the lost cheerleader and new-found believer
To you who reads far into every negative word spoken in your direction;
The twisted words from the twisted tongues that sting and question,
Leaving your answer to be a sniffle and shrug.

This is written for you.

To the 10-year-old buried deep in your soul
And to the dirt you’ve been meaning to shovel.
To the awkward ages and unhealthy stages,
To the couch potato and those who used to eat play dough.
To the daytime dreamer and your imaginary friend
And to the one-sided talks, and single late-night walks you’ll take with him.
This is written for the broken-hearted heroine and her heartbreaker.
To the middle school midget stretching for another inch, and the
underappreciated player stuck playing left bench,
To the braceface, four-eyed, five-foot-three fourth grade gal who will
one day be crowned homecoming queen.

This is written for you.

To the adopted child with a million questions all beginning with ‘why’
And to the parents prayerfully searching for a million answers with teary
To the midnight snacker and early morning riser.
To the coffee addicts and our coffee breath
To the fairytale dreamer and the Krispy Kreme eater
To the Justin Bieber believers and Michael Jackson mourners


This is written for you.

To the absent, alone, and aggravated
To the burnt, bruised, and bent
To the corrupt, crushed, and cured

Here is your invite to come alive every night; to live for more than what
meets the eye.
To have new life in this life that will one day be raised with eternal life.
To finally be able to breathe fresh air and not be congested with fear.
And to break the past with forgiveness, and enter the future with eyes

This is written for you.
This is written to speak.
This is written to spark.
This is written for more than the heart,
but for the One who created it to start.


To find more poetry and spoken word by Tanner follow Written to Speak on both Instagram and Twitter.

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