Day, Interrupted

A Poem

Janell Downing / 5.17.23

Some days you wake up to the news that you’ll be staying home today with your sick kids.
It’s usually met with some sort of internal fight.
But slowly and eventually, your spirit gives way to the day that has greeted your weary eyes.

Instead of making your to-do list at the beginning of the day, you mentally promise yourself that you will make that grocery list,
and you will finish that laundry.
And wouldn’t you know it, it did get done.
So you write that down at the end of the day.

And would the day have been a vapor had it not been for small accomplishments?
No, those droplets would return to form and matter.
Materializing into applesauce breakfasts and Our Planet documentaries and silly games and breaking up meaningless fights.
Naps on the couch
and a spring thunderstorm covering a blooming Dogwood.

No, today wouldn’t be a vapor.
Because that’s where God was,
calling my attention to this day that unfolded
before my weary eyes.

It turns out,
the miracle lies in what I thought I lost.

So you just go about your day like it doesn’t matter,
getting out of your own way. By the end of the day,
we notice,
once again,
the grace of God doing what we cannot.

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