The 15th Annual Mbird Conference, Schedule and Lineup

The full list of speakers, breakout sessions, and special events.

Mockingbird / 2.13.23

We couldn’t be more excited by the cast of speakers we’ve got in store. In addition to a keynote talk by Esau McCaulley, we’ve got talks from authors Rina Raphael and Helena Dea Bala, theologians Jonathan Linebaugh and Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, and Mbird regulars David Zahl, Sam Bush, and Todd Brewer. To say nothing of some fantastic breakout sessions by top-notch writers, pastors, and artists like Katelyn Baety and Ken Jones. Valerie & Jon Guerra will be on hand to provide music, and we even have a world-class magician booked!

So mark your calendars and book your flights — registrations for the 15th Annual Mockingbird Conference in New York City are filling up fast. See below for more details.

Click here to register at the early bird, discounted rate.

*some details subject to change

Thursday — April 27th

5:30pm — Registration

5:45pm — Same Old Song Live

7:00pm — Devotion and Worship, The Guerra’s + Tanner Olson

7:30pm — Opening Talk, David Zahl

8:15pm — Cocktail hour


Friday — April 28th

8:00am — Breakfast Buffet

9:00am — Devotion and Worship, The Guerra’s + Tanner Olson

9:30am — Morning Talks

  • Sam Bush – Needllepoint Self-Help Pillows Are Nothing New, People
  • Sarah Hinlicky Wilson – Martin Luther’s Guide to Becoming a Saint in Five Easy Steps

10:50am — Breakouts A

  • Katelyn Beaty – Celebrities! They’re Just Like Us
  • Dave Johnson – Grace for Those with Father Issues (aka Grace for Those with a Pulse)
  • Ken Sundet Jones – Help? No Thanks, I’m Good

12:00pm — Lunch

1:15pm — Afternoon Talk

  • Rina Raphael – The Gospel of Wellness

2:00pm — Breakouts B

  • Kelsi Klembara – How to Be Perfect: A Very Helpful Plan to Becoming Your Best Self
  • Ken Jones –  Receiving and Giving help; The essence of the Christian life
  • Ethan Magness – Jesus’s Sermon-BluePrint:  Why Redemptive Preaching is the Only Option 
  • Chris Domig & Sea Dog – The Stewardship of Stories & Why Theater matters

5:00pm — Cocktail Hour

5:45pm — Drinks with PZ

7:00pm — MAGIC SHOW! by Jacob Greenwald

7:30pm — Keynote Talk, Esau McCaulley

8:30pm — Pizza Party!

9:30pm — The EpiscoDisco with DJ JAZ

Saturday — April 29th

9:00am — Breakfast Buffet

9:15am — Devotion and Worship, The Guerra’s + Tanner Olson

9:30am — Morning Talks

  • Helena Dea Bala – “Shhhh…Can you keep a secret?”
  • Jonathan Linebaugh – “Of What Value Is It?” Honesty and Hope, “with a little help from my friend”—St. Paul

11:00am — Coffee Break

11:15am — Closing Talk, Todd Brewer

7:00pm — Sea Dog Theatre, A reading of “The Humans” by Stephen Karam in the lower chapel *registration required, more details to come.

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  1. Henry Fordyce says:

    Are there hotel recommendations?

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