Mockingbird on the Road

The Tyler Conference, new Orlando Conference, & the Low Anthroplogy Tour

Mockingbird / 10.25.22

The Mbird Tyler Conference happens this weekend, October 28-29, featuring keynote speaker Tish Harrison Warren, as well as Jason Micheli, Leigh Hickman, Derrick Bledsoe, and David Zahl.

For more information and to register, click here.

Next up, we’re thrilled to announce our first ever conference in Orlando, Florida. “The Urgency of Grace” will take place January 20-21, 2023, with Harrison Scott Key, Jane Anderson Grizzle, Paul & Mary Zahl, Justin Holcomb, and more.

To register, click here.

And finally, the Low Anthropology Tour continues to dash cross-country, with some new dates added.

For more information click here.

Thurs Oct 27th (7:00pm) — Dallas, TX (All Saints Anglican Church)

Sun Oct 30th (10:15am) — Waco, TX (St. Alban’s Episcopal Church)

Weds Nov 2nd (6:00pm) — Richmond, VA (St. James Episcopal Church)

Nov 10th (7:00pm) — Ligonier, PA (Town Hall)

Weds Nov 16th (7:00pm) — Minneapolis, MN (Hope Community Church)

Thurs Nov 17th (7:00pm) — St Paul, MN (Concordia University)

Fri Nov 18th (7:00pm) — Bloomington, MN (St. Michael’s Lutheran Church)

Tues Dec 6th (6:30pm) — Wilmington, NC (St. James Parish)

Weds Dec 7th (7:00pm) — Charlotte, NC (Christ Episcopal Church)

Thurs Jan 19th (time TBD) — St. Augustine, FL (Trinity Episcopal Church)

Sat Jan 21 (2:00pm) — Winter Park, FL (Mbird Orlando Conference)*

Sun Jan 22 (9:00am) — Winter Park, FL (All Saints Episcopal Church)

Mon Jan 30th (7:30pm) — Tulsa, OK (McNellie’s South)

Tues Jan 31st (7:00pm) — Oklahoma City, OK (Commonplace Books)

Thurs February 16th (7:00pm) — Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Christian Church)

Sat Feb 25th (time TBD) — Austin, TX (Covenant Presbyterian Church)

*Requires pre-registration.

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3 responses to “Mockingbird on the Road”

  1. Wow. I will be praying for you guys.
    I am a newbie with Mbird and thrilled to be a part. Just getting my feet wet. I am glued to my screen as I read and listen. I’m so grateful that God has led me to you. I needed this. Long story so I won’t tell it now!

  2. Joey Goodall says:

    Fri Nov 18th (7:00pm) — Bloomington, MN (St. Michael’s Lutheran Church)

    *praise hands*

    Come out to this if you can, Minnesota! It’s going to be a great time.

  3. Aaron says:


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