15 Years of Mockingbird

… and Counting!

Mockingbird / 12.23.22

Believe it or not, 2022 marked the 15th anniversary of Mockingbird. To say that the ministry has blossomed into something more substantial than any of us imagined in 2007 would be a supreme understatement. To so many people, Mbird has been a precious source of hope and humor. A bulwark against disillusionment, deconstruction, and despair. A safe harbor from culture wars. A reliable and all-too-rare place to hear the Gospel of God’s grace announced without qualification. The phrase we hear most is “life-line.”

This past year we hosted three major conferences, produced seven podcasts, published three issues of our print magazine, and garnered over a million pageviews of our website. With your financial support, we hired the amazing Meaghan Ritchey to serve as Managing Editor of the magazine.

And we have so much planned for the new year. Our first-ever Orlando conference happens this January 20-21, followed by the NYC conference April 27-29. Issue 22: Sickness and Health should be out before Valentine’s Day. A new book of prayers is in the works, as are potential events all over the globe.

Mockingbird could not have made it fifteen years without your generous financial support. We have every hope of seeing the Holy Spirit use our ministry for the next fifteen and beyond. We need to raise $475,000 to fulfill our mission in 2023. If you are able, would you donate to support our ongoing ministry?

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