Is there anything to it?

MI0002445199Is vertical religion — not just calls to social justice, not just implied belief (system) — but actual vertical religion, rooted in anything resembling fact?

I’m bummed these days by mainstream Christianity that just leaps over the religious element on the way to the “mission” element. There’s nothing there, I mean nothing there — to aid an everyday sufferer. Like me, for example.

On the other hand, evangelicals continue to fake it royally. They’ll talk you blue in the face about God’s being present in the worst and darkest moments of your life. But when it’s you who is actually there, you who is sitting flummoxed in the Shadows of Knight (1966), they act as if they didn’t mean a word of it. Grace? Real Grace? “You have got to be kidding.” Book him!

The theme of my 201st podcast is Real Religion. Does it exist? What is it like if it does?

Oh, and SEE The Sentinel (1977). Don’t miss The Sentinel (1977). It’s about to be released on Blu Ray; and with all its memorable eccentricities, it is a total home run about The Real Thing. LUV U. (PZ)

This podcast is dedicated to Melina Smith.