“I’m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.” –Franny Glass in J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey

Is there any question that inspires more fascination and worry, creativity and fear, than ‘who am I?’ Or, put differently, ‘who are you?’ No matter where we are in life, the search for–and maintenance of–an identity seems to be as fundamental as it is irresolvable.

Join us this spring as we delve into the subject that occupies an embarrassing amount of our waking hours—ourselves—and explore how the grace of God might fit in. To help us, we’ve enlisted seven quite disparate identities: a novelist/professor (Francis Spufford), a moral psychologist (Jonathan Haidt), a columnist/cartoonist (Tim Kreider), a children’s book author (Sally Lloyd-Jones), a Reformation historian (Ashley Null), an Episcopal minister/preacher (Paul Walker), and, yes, a mockingbird (David Zahl). We hope the event will shed some light and maybe even some calm on this most consuming of topics.


In addition to the main presentations, there will be a full slate of breakout sessions by Mockingbird writers and volunteers, covering a wide range of topics, from theology to literature, television to aging, music to parenting, etc. Look for announcement with more details in early February.

The event is open to anyone and everyone. Just be sure to pre-register ASAP, as space is limited.


This just in: art historian Dan Siedell has agreed to lead a pre-conference gallery outing for those who arrive early on Thursday the 3rd. Email us at info@mbird.com if you’re interested.