Louis C.K. is obviously speaking in hyperbole for comedic effect, but he’s really on to something here. He expects the worst of people, believing that – at heart – people act according to what’s best for them. This is the Christian doctrine of original sin, which undermines all notions of progress. Or as St. Paul said “no one does good, not even one” (Rom. 3.12).

The upshot to this very morbid worldview is that Louis C.K. is not caught off guard by anything he sees, in fact he’s genuinely surprised that the world has any civility at all. In other words, the less you expect from people the happier you are; you’re less disappointed by others (and your own) failures. But more importantly – you’re happier with whatever little joy/hope/love one is given.

In fact, he says as much here, ht NL: