True Love enjoys
twenty-twenty vision,
but talks like a myopic.
Justice: permission to peck
a wee bit harder
than we have been pecked.
He hid when he saw
a Minister approaching
with a worried look.
Years before doctors
had invented the jargon,
he knew from watching
his maiden-aunts that illness
could be psychosomatic.
Man must either fall in love
with Someone or Something
or else fall ill.
Few can remember
clearly when innocence came
to a sudden end,
the moment at which we ask
for the first time: Am I loved?

As a bonus, here’s the solo from The Twelve:

O Lord, my God,
Though I forsake Thee,
Forsake me not,
But guide me as I walk
Through the Valley of Mistrust,
And let the cry of my disbelieving absence
Come unto Thee,
Thou who declared unto Moses