Season 2 of The Brothers Zahl Podcast Is Here!!

Six episodes on: “Jesus,” “Prayer,” “Creativity,” “Depression,” “Salvation,” and “Aging.”

David Zahl / 7.8.22

GOOD NEWS: the second season of The Brothers Zahl podcast is here!!

As of this morning all six episodes of season two (“Jesus,” “Prayer,” “Creativity,” “Depression,” “Salvation,” and “Aging”) are available wherever you get your podcasts. It took us eighteen months to get here, but we think you’ll agree it was worth the wait. This season is about 30% longer than the first and may or may not include a special guest in the final episode.

Listen and/or subscribe by clicking on the image above — or searching wherever you get your podcasts, e.g. Spotify.

The aim was for the three brothers — one a writer, one a professor, one a priest, all in the “God business” — to paint a picture of how grace and faith intersect with everyday life (and have some fun in the process). You could almost think of it as a crash course in “Mockingbird theology,” or at least the Mockingbird approach to faith and life.

We once again pulled out all the stops, production-wise, thanks to the super talented TJ Hester (and the irrepressible DJ JAZ) and could not be happier with how it turned out. Thank you for your patience with us.

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