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The Snare of YouTube’s Slogan: “Broadcast Yourself”

When Humanity Gets Broadcast, Things Can Get Messy.

Therapy Time with Davie504

If you are not familiar with famous YouTuber Davie504, just ask one of the youth in your life and chances are they will know who you’re talking about. Davie504 is the smartest bass player in the world. Although the bass is not an instrument that gets a lot of attention, somehow Davie504 has created a […]

Eye for an Eye, Bully for a Bully: Reflections on Karen Klein’s Story

I expect by now that most people have heard of or seen the viral youtube video of grandmother and bus monitor Karen Klein being harassed and bullied to tears by small gang of seventh graders. If not, you can youtube it yourself–it’s really too dark and graphic to warrant embedding it in this post. Essentially, […]

The Appeal of Susan Boyle

Within a week it seems that Susan Boyle has become a world-wide sensation. Last weekend I was over at a friend’s house when someone put on the youtube clip and all 15+ of us were mesmerized by her surprisingly angelic voice. She was featured last week on Mockingbird and nearly everyone who watched the video […]