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The Parable of the Pop Quiz

When the Time Came to Teach the Unit on Christianity, the Chaplain was at a Loss.

Announcing PZ’s Panopticon: An Off-the-Wall Guide to World Religion!

We are so proud and excited to announce the release of a brand-new Mockingbird publication, Paul Zahl’s first book in seven years, PZ’s Panopticon: An Off-the-Wall Guide to World Religion! Entertaining, page-turning, and quirky almost beyond words, the Panopticon mines fresh territory without ever losing sight of the “heart of the matter”, providing a remarkably fresh survey of the world’s most captivating answers to the question of being human. It is unlike anything you’ve ever read (in the best possible way), a true cult classic in the making, both Dr. Zahl’s funniest and most personal piece of work to date. We’ll run some previews in the coming weeks but for now, enjoy the blurb on the back cover, which reads as follows:

panopticoncoverImagine you have ten minutes to live. You’re in a near-death situation, like the patient who’s being operated on and suddenly finds himself looking down on the action as the doctors try to save his life.

What do you need to know when your life’s end is near? What is there to know? What can this religion or that religion say to you when you really need some light? Maybe nothing, for sure. But maybe something, possibly.

PZ’s Panopticon weighs the world’s organized religions, such as Christianity and Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism; but it also weighs “dead” religions like those of the Aztecs, the ancient Egyptians, and the Greeks and Romans. There are also religions that are not called religions, like money and fame and sex; family and children; ideology and power.

PZ’s Panopticon is a wild ride. But it’s part of a trip we’re all going to take.

Now available on Amazon, but if you want more of the revenue to go to Mbird, PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE TODAY!

P.S. The Panopticon is only the first of two PZ-related projects that are hitting shelves this month. Stay tuned for an announcement next week about the long-awaited Comfortable Words: Essays in Honor of Paul F.M. Zahl.

PZ’s Podcast: Girl Talk

Episode 151: Girl Talk

61-Y57WkTyLI’ve just written a new book. It is called PZ’s Panopticon: An Off-the-Wall Guide to World Religion, and will be published by Mockingbird, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

“Girl Talk” is an explanation of the book’s central idea, and also an “off-the-wall” explanation of why the book doesn’t talk about certain issues that are important. Important in this world, that is. To a dying person, they are not important.

Religion, to be worth something, must have something, and something fairly good, to offer a dying person. And hey, who isn’t?

There’s no question that religion is designed to meet the quandaries of “Living in the Material World” (G. Harrison). But the Big Red One is death, and dying.

The cast is “Dedicated to the One I Love” (The Mamas and the Papas): Ray Ortlund.