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Preoccupations: Painting Ponds or Hiding Sea Monsters?

In The Crown’s retelling of British history, we find Winston Churchill having his portrait painted by the royal family’s artist Graham Sutherland. Though the show’s writers have surely taken liberties to imagine how these more intimate moments would have gone, they present a scene that is a poignant depiction of how profoundly art can function […]

The Cruelty of Age in “The Crown”

Carrie Willard’s recent assessment is dead-on — “The Crown” deserves to be savored instead of binged. In the ninth episode, one of the more interesting subplots had the artist Graham Sutherland being commissioned to paint Winston Churchill’s portrait for his 80th birthday [spoilers follow]. Churchill (John Lithgow) is anything but a willing subject, nor is he […]

Think You Got What It Takes? Leadership, Depression, “Madness,” and Empathic Power

What makes the great ones? Ask almost anyone anywhere, and you’ll get the same response: some form of personal exertion, “determination” or “perseverance” or “vision”. Ask almost anyone, and you’ll receive a response rooted in the individual’s uncompromising leadership–they’ll speak of the necessary qualities which brought him/her to helm in a time when he/she was […]

And a Depressive Shall Lead Them: Famous Statesmen and the Inverse Law of Sanity

A worthy article in The Wall Street Journal by Nassir Ghaemi entitled “Depression in Command,” exploring the mental-health proclivities of great world leaders. Essentially, many of the men who’ve proven particularly adept at leading in/through times of crisis suffered from depression. The two main case studies he cites are Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. Like […]

PZ’s Podcast: Bishop Bell’s Play

EPISODE 42 A fascinating play exists about Bishop Bell. Well, actually, the play is more about Winston Churchill. But in this play, entitled “Soldiers” and first performed in Germany in 1967, Act Three (“The Garden”) stages a confrontation between Churchill and George Bell on the ethics of ‘carpet bombing’. Although such a meeting never took […]

PZ’s Podcast: Bishop Bell’s Speech

EPISODE 41 If we ever needed Bishop Bell again, we need him today! George K.A. Bell (1883-1958) was Bishop of Chichester in the Church of England during the Second World War. Bell became controversial — highly unpopular — because of a speech he made in the House of Lords on February 9, 1944, opposing RAF […]

Winston Churchill on Appeasement

From Adam Gopnik’s write-up of the latest crop of Churchill literature in one of this past summer’s New Yorkers, a pretty radical departure from the rhetoric Winnie normally gets credit for (ht JD: What is Churchill’s true legacy? Surely not that one should stand foursquare on all occasions and at all moments against something called […]

The dreams of Winston Churchill

[In 1932, at the age of 58,] Winston Churchill’s dreams, he tells his family, are often of his father who died prophesying Winston would be a failure (from Manchester’s “The Last Lion”).