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The Fiddler of Driskill Hill

This comes from Win Bassett.

Louisiana poet David Middleton’s new collection, The Fiddler of Driskill Hill, is out from Louisiana State University Press. A review from The Quarterly Conversation states

Middleton’s sensibility as poet and man is thoroughly Christian, Southern (or rather, Louisianan), and traditional, but he’s no unreconstructed romantic Rebel reliving the Civil War. His manner is meditative and elegiac, not rancorous or redneck. In a rare useful blurb on the back of the book, the North Carolina poet and novelist Fred Chappell describes Middleton’s work as “stately,” a quality more often associated with Milton than any contemporary poet.

item65306“Upon the Publication of a First Book of Poems”
The Burning Fields, LSU Press, 1991
To see them here brings humbleness, not pride,
Poems so well printed, jacketed, and then
Braced by comments made by generous men
Whose works my own could never stand beside.
Here also is that absence, black despair,
That stared from blank white spaces at my face
Until the courted muse released her grace
And words flowed into verses like a prayer.
Such moments of eternity-in-time
Confirm the Maker in each maker’s rhyme.

Read excerpts from more of Middleton’s poems in the collection here, and purchase his new book from here.

NYC Preview: Grace in Identity-Induced Despair: The Literature of Reynolds Price

This preview comes to us from Win Bassett. To register for the NYC Conference, now just four weeks away, go here. Reynolds Price, from little old Macon, North Carolina, graduated from Duke University, attended Merton College at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship, traveled across Europe, befriended artists on the cusps of their fame, and landed […]

Missing the Star with Christmas Cards and Social Media

Here’s a timely one from our friend Win Bassett: Regular columnist for The Guardian and Church of England priest Giles Fraser tackles one of Mockingbird’s favorite subjects this week, the wounded soul of social media. Fraser frames his discussion with the evolution of Christmas cards: Christmas cards used to be about mangers, kings and shepherds. […]

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1. This guy! No doubt you’ve seen it elsewhere, but a must-read interview with Pope Francis I appeared this week in which the undeniably humble and surprisingly sympathetic Bishop of Rome articulated something like a new poetics of faith. Ironically enough, most pundits have jumped on his decidedly apolitical focus as evidence of some political […]

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1) To add to the Facebook files, this one came from the New Yorker. A study was given to see what emotional effects are aggravated by social media site, and, surprise surprise, the rise in the “market of social capital” equals a correlated relationship with envy and loneliness. Still, studies snake-eye with Facebook: many researchers […]

Beck Brings Paper to Life (and Life to Paper)

This one comes to us from Win Bassett: Beck Hansen, better known as “Beck,” will forever be linked to the decade when MTV actually played music videos, kids lived for TGIF programming, and pogs were worth their weight in gold. Who in Generation Y doesn’t count Beck’s “Loser” as one of the first pieces of […]