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Another Week Ends: Normcore,, Colbert’s Late Show Prospects, Post-Grad Advice, and “I Love You, Buts”

Real quick before we get going: Conference recordings should be up early next week! Videos will roll out gradually after that. Also, we’ve pulled Eden and Afterward to make some final changes. Look for a release announcement in the next ten days. 1) Even getting out of the game is part of the game, now. […]

Bread and Jam for Frances Ha

Another pearl from Charlotte Hornsby on the newest Noah Baumbach film. We, the followers and the followed, the tagged and untagged, the liked and the retweeted are building a Xanadu writ in html, a constant feed of pictures and updates that allows everyone to share his or her story… so long as it isn’t boring. […]

Dream Jobs, Labors of “Love”, and Exploited 20-Somethings

A fascinating little addendum to our recent post on 20-Somethings appeared in The NY Times this past weekend in the article “The No-Limits Job” which reports on the non-stop professional lives of many young adults in the creative/entertainment industries. For our purposes, while it’s sad how something ostensibly good, like following your dreams/taking a risk […]

Expectation Hangovers and Twentysomething Nones

Back in early 2013, The New Yorker published a piece about twentysomethings by Nathan Heller that had more than a ring of truth to it. He surveys a handful of books that have attempted to distill and address the challenges facing young people today, and what he found might come as a surprise, namely, despite […]