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When Justice is Unjust: The Death of Jesus in First Corinthians

John Barclay on the Foolishness of the Cross to the Gentiles

The Trial of Atticus Finch: Aaron Sorkin’s To Kill a Mockingbird

A New Look at America’s Beloved Lawyer

Harper Lee: To Kill An Expectation of ‘More’

You are going to read a lot of articles this Monday morning about the impact that Harper Lee made on America. She encouraged empathy, exposed systemic racism, and arguably altered this nation’s history. You should definitely read those pieces. This is not one of them. Harper Lee only wrote one book. Twice. And she got […]

Atticus Finch Did Not Die for Your Sins

From our friend Jeff Dean, another Alabamian who knows a thing or two about procrastination. Zing!   [Some spoilers below] You probably shouldn’t read Harper Lee’s “new” novel, Go Set a Watchman. If the book interests you as a “sequel” to her iconic To Kill a Mockingbird, you’re apt to be profoundly disappointed: the characters seem […]

Why Harper Lee Is a Prophet

The overall response to Harper Lee’s newly published novel of sketchy origins, Go Set a Watchman, has been nothing short of hysterical. This review contains spoilers, but if you’ve Googled Watchman at all in the past week, there’s really nothing left to spoil: Atticus is racist. I was surprised to find that this isn’t a […]