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The Theology of Everything: Jane and Stephen Hawking Head to the Cross

The title of the Oscar-nominated movie The Theory of Everything might seem a little ambitious, maybe even ironic in its magnitude. In some ways, it is. The title refers to real-life physicist Stephen Hawking’s initial desire to find what he called a theory of everything, a single equation to explain the creation of the universe […]

Controlling Your Self Control: Temptation, Ego-Depletion and the Limits of Willpower

 One of the main limits on willpower, though, turns out to be…willpower. Exerting self-control in one domain makes it harder to exert self-control in another, at least right away. Thus reads a line from the article “Resisting Temptation” in The Observer (the magazine put out by the Association of Psychological Science). The piece summarizes some […]