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From the Magazine: Feast of the Holy Innocents by Vito Aiuto

We could not have been more honored to publish Welcome Wagoner Vito Aiuto’s short story in this most recent issue of The Mockingbird. And behold, it comes just in time for Christmas! Order one today! The wide dirty sky hung above the interstate. The pulsing wipers and the broken stereo. Jon Eddy drives out early […]

From Issue 3: An Interview with Daniel Jones of The NY Times

Now that the Relationship Issue is out the door, we couldn’t wait to give a little sampling of the amazing conversation we had with NYT Modern Love Editor, Daniel Jones. The full interview can, of course, be read by ordering the magazine, here, but why stop there? A subscription sounds more like it! And, while the pocketbook’s out, check out Daniel Jones’ new book, Love Illuminated: Exploring Life’s Most Mystifying Subject with the Help of 50,000 Strangers. You shan’t not be disappointed.

Issue Three Is Here! Subscribe Today!

The Relationship Issue is out the door! Look for it in the mail within the next week. If you haven’t ordered or subscribed, do so here.