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How I Learned To Love Gravedigging in Marriage – Matt and Megan Magill

And…. we’re back! A handful more videos from the Fall Conference to share, the first of which captures, beautifully, what happens when vulnerability, truth, and amazing harmonies come together:

Cause This is Thriller: How I Learned to Love Grave Digging (in Marriage) – Matt and Megan Magill from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

Another Week Ends: Helpful Selves, Happy Meanings, Simple Saints, Good Bishops, Beloved Zombies and Portland Missionaries

1. Kathryn Schulz (of Being Wrong fame) wrote an article for New York Magazine that’ll get your motors running, “The Self in Self-Help.” It’s a bit of a conceptual quagmire to be honest, esp for those of us who consider God to be more than a metaphor, but it’s also pretty fun. Positively jammed with […]

October Playlist

1. I’m Sorry – Hall & Oates 2. Meat City – John Lennon 3. Soily – Wings 4. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Tears For Fears 5. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas 6. Last Dance – The Raveonettes 7. Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear 8. Jesus Christ – Big Star 9. Big Star Baby […]

The Magills and The Kings County Sound

As we all know, contemporary Christian worship music is a very tricky proposition. Forget indie rock with all its cooler-than-thou do’s and don’ts, forget pop with its lowest-common-denominator pressures, etc – there is no genre that is more difficult (impossible?) to do well than contemporary Christian worship. I’m not talking about modern hymnody, which is […]