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A Path Through Three Prisons: Bruce Wayne in Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Pt 3

Presenting the last part of Jeremiah Lawson AKA Wenatchee the Hatchet’s incisive series on Christopher Nolan’s recently completed Batman trilogy! Be warned: this one contains considerable spoilers for those who haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises. For part one, go here. Part two, here. THE THIRD PRISON: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES When the final installment […]

Violence in Gotham, Pittsburgh, and Aurora: Breaking the 4th Wall

This post is not a review of The Dark Knight Rises, but a bit of therapeutic reflection on the massacre that occurred in Aurora Co. during the midnight showing of the movie.  So consider this piece to be spoiler free and a bit more vulnerable than the average Mockingbird post. For those who are interested […]

This Isn’t A Car: New Dark Knight Trailer

Not sure how this could look any more awesome (or set off any more “Passion of the Batman” alarms):