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Another Week Ends: Self-Evangelism, Jay-Z, Paradoxes, Susan Boyle, NASA, Friday Night Lights

1. Another scorcher from our 2011 NYC conference speaker Mark Galli entitled “Evangelizing Ourselves”, in which he unwittingly sums up much of our operating philosophy: How do we talk about our faith without making others feel denigrated or angry? For one, we can talk about our faith so that everyone feels equally denigrated and equally […]

What Goes Up Must Come Down: the Top Five of 2009

All of the following have enjoyed the heights of success, but unfortunately have now felt the sting of reality. These are empirical proof that “all is vanity and a striving after wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14). 5-Campaign WristbandsWhether it be WWJD, Livestrong, or Bono’s One bracelets, the popularity of this clever marketing gimmick has mostly passed. It […]

Vice Attracts Virtue, or Why Susan Boyle Will Never Appear on Breaking Bad

Throughout our lives, we have all been exposed to stories about hidden gems of human beings who have been serendipitously discovered by those with the power to better their lives. Usually, they have a rare but prodigious gift that is presented as having the potential to make the world a better place. I’m thinking here […]

The Appeal of Susan Boyle

Within a week it seems that Susan Boyle has become a world-wide sensation. Last weekend I was over at a friend’s house when someone put on the youtube clip and all 15+ of us were mesmerized by her surprisingly angelic voice. She was featured last week on Mockingbird and nearly everyone who watched the video […]

Britain’s Got…Grace?

The video speaks for itself. Watch the faces as the judges and everyone in the crowd realize how judgmental their preconceived notions were. Even Simon couldn’t find anything wrong with it.