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The Magnetism of the Exiled Soul to Stranger Things

The most succinct way to describe Stranger Things is to say that it’s Steven Spielberg meets Stephen King — meets Netflix. At eight episodes, it’s very watchable in one week, or one night, depending on how willing you are to sacrifice your REMs. (Be warned: You’ll find it hard to finish one episode and resist […]

PZ’s Podcast, 84-89: Yvette Vickers, Protestant Episcopal SuperMarionation I&II, Bette Davis Eyes, Tana and Tahrir, and Pacific Overtures

Thanks again for your patience with us this past week. As you’ll see, while the site slept, some of us were busy! Episode 84: Yvette Vickers (f. 4.27.11) Newspapers and blogs seem to settle for the categorical in reporting such events as the discovery, on April 27, 2011, of the body of Yvette Vickers in […]

Super 8: Control, Consequences, and Monster Makeup (Spoiler Warning)

“Rabbi, who sinned–this space alien or his captors–that he was marooned on Earth and had assimilation issues?” Some version of this classic biblical question lies at the core of Steven Spielberg’s and J.J. Abrams’s incredible new film, Super 8. If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it highly enough—and this is also the place […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Fantasy, Dreamlife, and Childhood

Come away O human childTo the waters and the wildWith a fairy hand in handFor the world’s more full of weepingThan you can understand.— W.B. Yeats, by way of Steven Spielberg’s AI “…if we’re to be helped, it’s got to be by magic.”— Woody Allen, by way of Mockingbird (7/21/09) This week I’d like to […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Saving Private Ryan

James Ryan walks through the American Cemetery in Normandy, an old man. He stops at a headstone, and falls to his knees, tears in his eyes. The headstone reads: John Miller. As Ryan’s wife comes to his side, he says through his tears, “Have I been a good man? Tell me I’ve lived a good […]