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Instagram Planners and the Protestant Work Ethic

This one comes to us from Holly Genovese.  I love my Emily Ley Simplified® planner. It’s full of notes, lists, and proof of a busy year. It’s my fourth Simplified® planner, and I have one waiting patiently on my desk for August 1. The planner is well made, the paper is beautiful. It has room […]

Beggars, a Poem: Notes on Need and Circumstance

This reflection and accompanying poem come to us from Becky Carlozzi. The night before my husband and I left for our fifteen-year anniversary trip to Italy, I received a phone call that my friend had been arrested and would spend several weeks in jail. The following day, staring out a window at 30,000 feet, I […]

The Only Places on the Streets That Understand

Way back on Christmas Eve of 2013, The Guardian ran a piece by photographer Chris Arnade under the provocative title, “The People Who Challenged My Atheism Most Were Drug Addicts and Prostitutes.” It remains one of the best and most heartening things I’ve read on that intersection. Arnade recounts how thoroughly his unbelief was challenged […]

Vulgarity Is Blasphemous: Why Whit Stillman Doesn’t Hate Episcopalians

When I heard The NY Times Magazine was about to run a lengthy profile of filmmaker/author/all-around inspiration Whit Stillman, my first thought was, “About time!” Stillman’s return to directing after a 13-year silence, Damsels in Distress (out in NYC and LA on April 6), deserves the widest possible reception. Then I read the thing, which […]

Snobby Snobs and Their Snobbish Snobbery

A lengthy and very absorbing look at the subject of snobbery by Mark Oppenheimer over at Slate, “The Unholy Pleasure: My Life-Long Recovery From Snobbery.” Oppenheimer gives his own “testimony” in regard to the subject, shedding light on a number of the contradictions at the core of the issue. The article functions as a timely […]

The Incredible Shrinking WASP

“The Triumphant Decline of the WASP” reads the title of a provocative recent piece in The NY Times by Noah Feldman, which boldly argues that the now Protestant-less composition of the Supreme Court  represents a victory of establishment virtue. And by “establishment,” Feldman is referring specifically to White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs). Needless to say, […]

John Prescott and the Problem of Social Class

The BBC recently ran a program entitled ‘Prescott: The Class System and Me’ about how John Prescott (perhaps you’ve seen him?) still struggles with his working class background despite the fact that he rose to the position of Deputy Prime Minister of the UK under Tony Blair (basically like the VP of the US, but […]