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Isle of Snobs – Ethan Richardson

Patagucci. Children repping obscure literary magazines. Minimalism! Look out—snobs may be closer than you think. This morning we bring you the opening talk from our 12th annual conference in NYC. Ethan Richardson, editor-in-chief of The Mockingbird, makes low every mountain and discusses the fancypants in you and me.

Isle of Snobs – Ethan Richardson from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

A Snob By Any Other Name

The first time I suspected there might really be something between me and the woman who would become my wife was when she made an off-hand reference to one of my favorite movies. It was a relatively obscure film, and not one that usually came up in conversation. Huh, I thought, that’s interesting. My confidence […]

Snobby Snobs and Their Snobbish Snobbery

A lengthy and very absorbing look at the subject of snobbery by Mark Oppenheimer over at Slate, “The Unholy Pleasure: My Life-Long Recovery From Snobbery.” Oppenheimer gives his own “testimony” in regard to the subject, shedding light on a number of the contradictions at the core of the issue. The article functions as a timely […]