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Miss Snake Charmer: Queens, Snakes, and the Weight of the Law

This one comes to us from Jesse Pirschel. While driving my boys to school, we were listening to an episode of the podcast Snap Judgment entitled “12 Pageant Queens, 10,000 Snakes.” In a car full of boys there were mixed emotions about the prospects of this episode. The podcast features several teenage girls from West […]

The Rabbi and the KKK: What We Can Learn

According to the latest findings from Brookings, over half of all American Christians believe that they are being discriminated against. While this is not something I can say I’ve personally experienced, it is certainly an issue worth addressing, as the numbers involved are staggering. To be honest, I’m not really invested in figuring out why […]

Rotting Flowers, Barn Filth and the Grace of Two Little Kids Talking

I’ve been enjoying gettin’ a little funky (for a pasty white guy) with NPR’s Snap Judgment Radio Show – “Storytelling with a Beat”. Their recent episode on Absolution absolutely floored me. Host Glynn Washington told an autobiographical story that made for an incredible illustration of grace, of love begetting love. Glynn was born in Detroit […]