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Another Week Ends: Even More Camille Paglia, Digital Soul-Training, Backstabbing Enablers, Apolitical Auden, and Masculine Christianity

1. Where to start with a hierarchy of most severe ‘little-l law’ in ‘secular’ society? We could start with body image, health, having cool experiences, and the like, but prosperity honestly takes the cake. And among the people who have already checked that box, it’s fast becoming political correctness. Political correctness is important, but its ascendant, […]

Bringing You the Gospel (pt 38)

ht SH:


Les Mousserables

Elmo Loves You

About a year ago my daughter developed a deep affection for that furry red monster from Sesame Street, Elmo. I admit at first I was skeptical: Isn’t that the annoying little Muppet, you know, the one with the irritating laugh? But my wife and I quickly learned the power that the YouTube video of “Elmo’s Song” […]

Cookie Monster Confronts The Letter

Absolutely priceless stuff, ht JH:

Another Week Ends: Holy Cross, Mysterious Flowers, Two Words, M. Galli, Capitalism, Coen Bros, and Sesame Street

1. First off, an irresistible little bit of nepotism – forgive me. Yesterday The Internet Monk posted a glowing and heartfelt reflection on a Communion service he attended at the heavily Mbird-connected Church of The Holy Cross on Sullivans Island, SC. Little known fact: the preacher in question – responsible on this site for Bringing […]