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“The More Earnest Prayer of Christ”

A Poem by Scott Cairns

Lenten Complaint – Scott Cairns

From his absolutely mandatory collection from last year, Idiot Psalms:

idiot-psalms-new-poemsThe breakfast was adequate, the fast
itself sub-par. We gluttons, having
modified our habits only somewhat
within the looming Lenten dark, failed
quite to shake our thick despair, an air
that clamped the heart, made moot the prayer.
As dim disciples having seen the light,
we supplied to it an unrelenting gloom.

Wipe your chin. I’m dying here
in Omaha, amid the flat, surrounded
by the beefy, land-locked generations,
the river, and the river’s rancid shore.

O what I wouldn’t give for a lifting,
cool salt breeze, a beach, a Labrador.

Idiot Psalm 12 – Scott Cairns

home_iw-galimberti-1A psalm of Isaak, amid uncommon darkness


O Being both far distant and most near,
O Lover embracing all unlovable, O Tender
Tether binding us together, and binding, yea
and tenderly, Your Person to ourselves,
Being both beyond our ken, and kindred, One
whose dire energies invest such clay as ours
with patent animation, O Secret One secreting
life anew into our every tissue moribund,
afresh unto our stale and stalling craft,
grant in this obscurity a little light.

A Word – Scott Cairns

gal_f39From this month’s issue of Poetry:

She said God. He seems to be there
when I call on Him but calling
has been difficult too. Painful.

And as she quieted to find
another word, I was delivered
once more to my own long grappling

with that very angel here–still
here–at the base of the ancient
ladder of ascent, in foul dust

languishing yet at the very
bottom rung, letting go my grip
long before the blessing.

Opening King David

All you culture-vultures out there, one of our favorite contemporary poets, Brad Davis, has a new collection out this month. Davis is that rare artist who can deal with religious themes without concealing his humanity or feeling the need to protect his Lord. If you’ve enjoyed the Scott Cairns poems we’ve posted, you’ll love Brad’s. […]

Advent – Scott Cairns

A prose poem from his inspired collection Compass of Affection: Poems New And Selected (ht KW): Well, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas—everywhere, children eyeing the bright lights and colorful goods, traffic a good deal worse than usual and most adults in view looking a little puzzled, blinking their eyes against the assault of […]