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“Himself,” from Pearly Gates: Parables from the Final Threshold

“‘I suppose,’ said the man, ‘you expect me to worship you.'”

The Top Ten Reasons the Lectionary Sucks and Five Half-Assed Solutions

This one comes to us from Sarah Hinlicky Wilson: A lectionary is a collection of readings for Sunday worship, ordered according to the seasons of the church year. The version most widely used by mainline Protestants is the Revised Common Lectionary, though others such as the earlier Common Lectionary and the Roman Catholic Lectionary for […]

The Quiet Grace of Silence and Beauty, by Makoto Fujimura

Grateful for this piece by Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, a review of Makoto Fujimura’s Silence and Beauty: Hidden Faith Born of Suffering. For more on the topic, see here for the Mockingcast episode featuring Fujimura as guest. This gorgeous reflection on Christian faith is a kind of detective story, mysteries layered one on top of the other, much like […]