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Legalism and Grace in Adao’s Dance

This post was written by our friend Russ Masterson, who recently released his first work of fiction, a novel entitled Adao’s Dance, available here. About six or seven years ago I found myself exhausted as a pastor. I was insecure and restless internally, just always felt like I wasn’t doing enough as a Christian. I knew […]

The Hero’s Conflict is Himself: Reviewing Adao’s Dance

One of the many powers of fantasy fiction is that it helps the reader walk a balance between cognitive rest and restlessness: while graciously pausing the pressure of the ‘real world,’ fantasy fiction also tends to question conventional modes of thinking. This is certainly the case for our friend Russ Masterson’s book, Adao’s Dance, which […]

Kim Kardashian and the Burden of Ratings

A timely little reflection from Mbird contributor Russ Masterson, prompted by last weekend’s conference: I’m sure you’ve heard: 72 days after her high-profile wedding, reality TV star/professional celebrity Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kris Humphries. This after a much-publicized wedding which became a television frenzy, flooding their bank accounts with money and endorsements. I’ve read articles […]

Lady Gaga on Accepting Little Monsters (or Not)

A great little piece from Mbird friend Russ Masterson. To order a copy of Russ’ new book, 40 Days Without Food, go here: Last week Lady Gaga was interviewed on the CW by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the renowned French fashion designer. The set was typical Gaga, stark and bizarre, everything wrapped in some sort of white […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Junebug

A reflection/review from Mbird friend Russ Masterson (with maybe a little help from DZ). If you haven’t grabbed Russ’ new e-book 40 Days Without Food, what’s stopping you? While attending the Mockingbird Conference in NYC last spring, a fellow attendee rattled off all the under-the-radar movies he thought I should see. I remembered a few […]

When is a Fast Not a Fast? A Q&A with Russ Masterson

Last week we highlighted the release of Mbird contributor Russ Masterson’s first e-book, 40 Days Without Food: Divine Goodness to a Starving Soul. This week Russ was kind enough to do a little interview with us about the project. You wrote in the introduction that six years went by between the day your fast ended and […]

Announcing Russ Masterson’s 40 Days Without Food: Divine Goodness to a Starving Soul

Very excited to announce the release of 40 Days Without Food: Divine Goodness to a Starving Soul, the first (e-)book by Mbird friend and contributor Russ Masterson, published by last week by Tyndale. In 2004, Russ went on a fast, and he did it the old-fashioned way, forty days with no food. But this is […]

The Spirit Vs. The Letter in an Alameda Drowning

A timely item from Mbird contributor Russ Masterson: In California on Memorial Day a suicidal man walked into the San Francisco Bay, treading water for a while, then eventually drowning. You can read CNN’s report here. Apparently, the whole scene was observed from the shore by a group of firefighters. CNN refers to them as […]

Unstoppable Frailty

A quick one from Mbird friend and contributor Russ Masterson: I watched Unstoppable last night, Tony Scott (director) and Denzel Washington’s 2009 action/drama about a runaway train (think: formula action flick, trains about to collide, derail, kill thousands). The entire mess, the full-throttled runaway train, is the mistake of one frumpy guy, Dewey, who works […]

Amy Adams on Children and Freedom

A quick one from Mbird friend Russ Masterson. Amy Adams, who just received a well-deserved Oscar nomination for her role in The Fighter was on Tavis Smiley in December to promote the film. Tavis asked Amy about having a new baby, and her response was priceless: “I like the world more now. The focus is […]

Christ Was Never In Christmas

A timely reflection from Mbird friend Russ Masterson:  The tug is relentless this time of year – look at things, buy things, think about things. In December materialism is like breathing, at least it is for me. In the Christmas season we tend to overshop and overeat – an admittedly weird way to celebrate the […]