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From Derision to Compassion: The Death of Junior Seau

It was like a switch was thrown. I was at an open gym, shooting baskets with a bunch of guys, talking about the news of the day: the apparent suicide of former NFL great and presumptive Hall of Famer Junior Seau. Many of the guys couldn’t believe that a man who was so famous, so […]

Fear of Flight Attendants, Fear of Death and Why We’re All Paul

As you may have heard, an American Airlines flight attendant made national headlines as her routine pre-flight intercom schtick devolved into a dire warning to passengers that the plane faced imminent danger and would likely crash after take-off. This prompted passengers to take matters into their own hands and forcibly apprehend the attendant until authorities […]

Mockingbird At The Movies: Dirty Filthy Love

OK, this movie is not what it sounds like. I mean, I know what you are thinking: MB has finally sailed off beyond left field and out of the freakin ball park. And not in a home run kind of way. Dirty Filthy Love is a movie about a guy who has both Tourette’s Syndrome […]

George Orwell and The Ministry of Law and Gospel

Dystopia(n): (1) an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives; (2) the opposite of utopian; (3) one of my favorite literary and cinematic genres (check out the top 50 dystopian movies on this list) It doesn’t matter whether it is Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel or Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451, Waterworld or […]