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Tennis Gods and Failing Bodies

This one comes to us from Lindsey Hepler.  When I was eighteen years old, during that awkward summer between graduating from high school and starting college, I took a trip to London with my parents. By a stroke of luck and happenstance, my two sisters were away on their own adventures, so I got to […]

Happy New Year: 20 Predictions from the World of Sports

1) Carmelo Anthony will finish third in NBA MVP voting, causing him to reconsider the pencil thin, John Waters mustache look. 2) Tim Tebow will hit the public speaker circuit full-time…and be awesome at it, of course. 3) The NHL will pull the Keyser Soze trick and convince the world that it never existed. 4) […]

Reports of Roger Federer’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

One may well wonder why we’re live blogging the Federer/Djokovic semifinal, rather than waiting for the Wimbledon final.  Well, it all comes back to Federer, as so many things do.  It’s crazy to hear Federer talked about as the underdog…though he’s never lost in a Wimbledon semi-final.  In Djokovic’s fourth-round match (against Viktor Troiki, a […]

Federer v. Nadal in Australia: A Live Blog

Here’s what went down when Roger Federer met Rafael Nadal in the first men’s semi-final of the Australian Open last night. First Set Federer wins the first three games of the first set, including a break of Nadal’s first service game, very easily. Most common Chris Fowler and Patrick McEnroe “analyis”: “Wow.” “Uh-huh.” “Yup.” Federer […]

The Id of Agassi

“Why?” the sports pundits wail. “Why have you done this to us!” Andre Agassi’s recent admissions, in his book Open, that he took crystal meth for a year during his professional tennis career, lost matches on purpose, hated tennis, wore a wig during major tournaments, and, perhaps most importantly, didn’t wear underwear for the last […]

"Darth Federer" and the US Open’s Nazareth

I’m a Roger Federer fan. Usually, this leads to nothing more straining than a few hours spent watching tennis four times a year. Last night, however, went to another level. Federer played Robin Soderling (a Swede) in the quarterfinals of the US Open. When Federer came onto the court (immediately after Melanie Oudin’s emotional loss […]