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“All Is Lost…and All Is Not Lost”: An Introduction to Life Is Impossible by Nick Lannon

No one ever said life would be easy. But does your life ever seem…too hard? Does self-help, strangely, not work? If so, consider Life Is Impossible: And That’s Good News, the new book by longtime Mockingbird writer Nick Lannon. It’s a slim work, biblically sound and buoyed by vivid illustrations from culture and everyday life. Read […]

All is Lost and Yet, All is Not Lost

I finally caught up with the nearly dialogue-free Robert Redford film All is Lost (written and directed by J.C. Chandor, writer/director of Margin Call). Redford stars as “Our Man”, an aging-but-capable mariner who finds himself lost at sea. Apart from a bit of opening narration (Redford reading what amounts to a giving-up-on-life note, telling loved […]

“More Comfortable with Death”: J.C. Chandor on the Making of All Is Lost

An interesting interview with the writer and director of the new, verbally-spare shipwreck film, All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford. Chandor, whose first film happened to be 2011’s Margin Call, that I now feel I need to see, talks about the Everyman who Redford portrays, a man thrown into an awareness of his own finitude […]