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The Ever Present Past of the Beatles (and the Saddest Record of the Year)

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite Beatle. Cuddly Paul, edgy John, moody George, or funny Ringo, you choose the one you either most readily identify with, or would most like to identify with. Of course, having to name only one is a dodgy practice in the first place, […]

Worshiping at the Altar of the Beatles (and Their Monaural Magic)

Two lists to celebrate the release of the long-awaited Fab Four reissues. First and most relevantly, five quasi-Gospel moments in the Beatles-related videography. Counting down: 5. The first modern worship song? Or simply the strangest number one single of all-time? 4. “I’m A Loser” performed in France in 1965. “I’m not what I appear to […]

Belated October Playlist

A little late but oh so worth it: 1. Christ For President – Wilco 2. Furr – Blitzen Trapper 3. Keep The Customer Satisfied – Simon and Garfunkel 4. Looking For My Life – George Harrison 5. Weight Of The World – Ringo Starr 6. Lost In A Memory – Del Shannon (and The Traveling […]