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Another Year Begins: Masked Mandalorians, New Modes of Time Keeping, Awards Season Hypocrisy, Holding Babies, Hating Your Job, Absolving Your Father, and the Boys Who Wear Shorts All Winter

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as the Mockingbird world returns to its regular posting schedule. Lots of great articles came out over the holiday and they’re worth highlighting even if they aren’t timely on January 10. Stay tuned for new podcasts, new magazines, and new posts that are on the way! 1. […]

Bill Burr, the Boss of Comedians in Cars

Jerry Seinfeld’s web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, is now in its fifth season. After four hit-or-miss seasons, the show really is getting better, and Seinfeld had one his most interesting guests recently: Bill Burr. One thing I love about the episode is the chemistry between Burr and Seinfeld. By the end of the episode they […]

Another Week Ends: Ben Franklin’s Bible, Desperate Millennials, The Costanza Key to Success, Prohibition, Zombie vs. Vampire, Whit Stillman, Craig Thompson and Rango

1. Doubtless you’ve heard, but in a true laugh-or-you’ll-cry moment, Ben Franklin’s notorious “God helps those who help themselves” motto was quoted as Scripture from quite an auspicious, or I should say audacious, pulpit this past week. This just a few weeks after the Atlanta branch of my church put forward an out-of-nowhere (or, you […]

Michael Scott, American Male, R.I.P.

Over at Slate, Bill Wyman (not that Bill Wyman) examines of Steve Carrell’s achievement these past seven years playing Michael Scott on The Office with characteristic insight. He not only puts Scott in the context of post-Seinfeld nihilism and self-loathing – i.e. characters universally defined by their unchanging weakness and self-centeredness – he points out […]

Sometimes the Complaints Will Be False: Ricky Gervais on Easter

I am a massive Ricky Gervais fan. I swear by the BBC version of The Office, I laughed myself silly during Extras (the Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan episodes in particular), I’ve listened to every podcast and even enjoyed Cemetary Junction. I may have even felt a little glee during the Golden Globes this past […]

Another Few Weeks End: Hitchens & Galli, OK Go, Shaun White, Big Love and more Elvis

After taking a few weeks off to ponder all things Elvis-related, and to try out a new smaller-but-more-frequent approach to posting, I am returning to the weekly round-up. Mainly in response to the surprising and flattering popular demand (a la EP…?). Regardless, it will probably end up being more of a bi-weekly round-up from here […]

Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reasons

As brilliant an illustration of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount insight about the moral equivalence of action and motivation (Matthew 5: 21-30) as I’ve ever come across, this is a spot that Ricky and Stephen did for the Comic Relief charity in England (which you may remember from the second season of the BBC Office) […]