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Trapped in The Corrections: Family Life in Franzen and Boyhood

Back in March, my Dad took a week away from work, and we spent spring break together in Southwest Florida. It was awesome. One of our oft-repeated tasks, along with eating fish and chips and baking in the sun, was combing through the nearest Barnes and Noble looking for beach reading. Dad happened to have […]

Mining Netflix: Performancism and The School of Rock

Did you watch the Golden Globes on Sunday? One of the biggest stories from this year was the accolades given to Boyhood, an epic-of-the-ordinary that took 12 years to film. We wrote about Boyhood back when it came out, and if you read that post you’ll get a sense of why its director, Richard Linklater, won top […]

The Epic Ordinary of Boyhood, and Life

A couple of weeks ago I escaped the summer heat and ducked into a local small theater to catch a screening of Richard Linklater’s latest, Boyhood. My motivation was multi-fold: my two-year-old is in daycare; I am currently ninety-seven weeks pregnant and my favorite activity is sitting still; and, with a newborn arriving imminently, I […]

The Sun Never Sets on the Romantic Comedy (Until It Does)

Another terrific contribution from Charlotte Hornsby, this time on the third installment of the Richard Linklater imperfect-love trilogy, Before Midnight. My mom has always had serious beef with rom-coms. In middle school she’d ask me how my sleepover went, only to listen as I gave a starry-eyed play-by-play not of my own cookie dough-fueled escapades, […]