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Reason's Void and The Human EPS

Reason’s Void and The Human EPS

Another scientific reminder that we, as cognitively organized beings, are less in control than we think we are. David Brooks’ The Social Animal follows the lives of two wedded archetypes, Erica and Harold, and their complicated, synaptic lives together. Along the way, though, Brooks delves into the science that makes them function the way they […]

Wine Tasting, Vodka and Reason

Wine Tasting, Vodka and Reason

Seeing the above bumper sticker in Washington DC this weekend, I was faced once again with the false dichotomy between religion and critical thought. Atheists, ‘positive thinkers’, and other ideologists like to believe that unlike religious people, they actually employ their immutable power of reason or thinking. But how effective are our powers of reason? […]