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October Playlist

With a little help this time from SVC:

  1. Total Serendipity – Mates of State
  2. Sydney (I’ll Come Running) – Brett Dennen
  3. Avenging Annie – Andy Pratt
  4. Me and Bobby McGee – Willie Nelson
  5. Arms Like Boulders – The War on Drugs
  6. Nothing But Our Love – Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr
  7. That’s The Way Love Goes – Lindsey Buckingham
  8. Hero Takes a Fall – The Bangles
  9. When I Was a Boy – The Who
  10. I Can’t Explain – David Bowie
  11. If I Had a Gun… – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  12. Sunshine – The Gun
  13. Give Peace a Chance – Louis Armstrong
  14. The Lord Will Make a Way – Al Green
  15. The Great Beyond – R.E.M.
  16. Hold on Hope – Glen Campbell
  17. Save Me Jesus – Bobby Charles
  18. Mockingbird TimeThe Jayhawks

New Test(ament) Lepers in the Sun: R.I.P.R.E.M.

It’s fairly well known that Michael Stipe comes from a long line of Methodist ministers. It’s less well known that he was brought up in the church, by parents he admires greatly, going so far as to describe them as “the paragon of Christian faith.” Of course, this is also the guy who wrote “Losing […]

Episode 50 (!) of PZ’s Podcast: Human Nature

Sometimes I get so frustrated I could just scream, at the general portrait of human nature that one seems to get these days on almost every front. Whether it’s the innumerable “Commencement” speeches telling graduates to live their dreams, or the conviction stated by most of our public leaders that we can overcome our problems […]

God, Suffering, and Glee

I’m never quite sure when it’s OK for one to profess their love of Glee. But seeing as Mockingbird has a thing for being simultaneously uncool and popular at the same time, I figured this might be the place to discuss this past week’s religion themed episode of everybody’s favorite high school drama/musical/satire/dark comedy. This […]

From The Onion: Heartfelt Apology Robs Man of Cherished Grudge

Over at The Onion, the perfect follow-up to the Rattigan/Nelson piece: CASPER, WY—A powerful, enduring grudge was ruined for local resident Roger Chilton Saturday following a profoundly earnest plea for forgiveness from longtime friend Peter Scotto. “I was looking forward to harboring this bitter resentment for at least another decade, [goshdarnit], and now he’s taken […]

May/June Playlist

1. Son of Sam – Elliott Smith2. Perfection As A Hipster – God Help The Girl3. Fallin’ In Love – The Beach Boys4. On The Border – The Eagles5. Something There Is About You – Bob Dylan6. Faith In You – Matthew Sweet7. Worry Rock – Green Day8. 12:51 – The Strokes9. This Is Hell […]