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The Science of Atonement

A revealing and undoubtedly controversial report in this week’s Economist, “Purification By Pain: The Mascochism Tango,” looking at the relationship between guilt and pain. Turns out there is one! Go figure: The idea that experiencing pain reduces feelings of guilt has never been put to a proper scientific test. To try to correct that, Brock […]

Self help…doesn’t help

Does self help actually help? Apparently not as much as the self-help industry would like to think. Recent research published in Psychological Science shows that repeating positive statements about oneself, which is a common self-help strategy, doesn’t always increase self esteem. Researchers asked people to repeat positive statements about themselves, such as “I am a […]

Luther Probably Ate His Vegetables

I just read an interesting little article in the NY Times about children’s diet. The article describes the woes parents face when trying to coax their kids to eat a healthy, balanced diet. It also outlined some mistakes commonly made by parents in their endeavour – here are a few quotes: “Demanding that a child […]