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July Playlist

P.S. We’re in the midst of making the playlists available on Spotify, working our way backward from the present. Here’s the link to this month’s.

June Playlist

Click here to listen on Spotify.

May Playlist

May is off to a rad start with new material from Jon Parks (!), Sons of Bill (!), and the collaboration of the year between Janelle and BW. And let’s not forget about Juliana Hatfield’s full-length ONJ tribute from last month – pure magic. Click here to listen on Spotify:

April Playlist

Click here to listen (to most of it) on Spotify:

March Playlist

I think I speak for everyone who was in Tyler when I say, do yourself a favor and check out some Josh White! I’ve had Pilgrim on repeat since we got back… Click here to listen on Spotify (barring one track, that is):

February Playlist

Shadows of the Brothers Gibb hang heavy over this one, as well they should. Also, RIP Mark E Smith. Click here to listen (to all but three tracks) on Spotify:

January Playlist

Click here to listen (to 14 of 18 tracks) on Spotify:

December Playlist: Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 2017

Bringing out the Christmas trappings early actually felt like a necessity this year. Hope you dig the mix.

You can find my other mixes on Enjoy!

November Playlist

Not easy to find tracks that fit the quincentennial theme…

October Playlist

Bonus Track: In light of the horrible news out of Las Vegas today, I commend to you Russell Brand’s video response, “When Mass Murder Becomes Normal – What Does It Tell Us About America?”. If you, like me, think it might be a little soon to be drawing conclusions, just be sure to watch til the end. His new book, Recovery, is out tomorrow.

September Playlist

I didn’t know Jakob Dylan (and co) had been writing songs like that either…

May Playlist

Those who attended JAZ’s breakout session in NYC may recognize a few numbers:

p.s. Anyone interested in worship music would do well to check out that Andy Squyres record, Cherry Blossoms – holy moly it’s good.