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July Playlist

Some big news on the playlist front. While you can still find the song lists for 2008-2018, we’ve taken down the mp3s themselves. BUT, thanks to the hard work of intern extraordinaire Charlie Meyer, there is now a Mockingbird Masterlist on Spotify, which contains all those songs, plus this year’s additions (about 2100 total)–basically a Mockingbird radio station! Click here to follow that list.

You can find (most of) the above on Spotify as well.

June Playlist

Click here to listen (to most of it) on Spotify. Likely going to be moving these there exclusively in the next couple months, fyi.

May Playlist

You can listen on Spotify here. Oh and fans of the first track would do well to check out the new episode of The Well of Sound which is all about Tina Turner.

April Playlist

P.S. Click here to listen to (the majority of) it on Spotify.

P.P.S. Happy #Seculosity Eve! Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have it discounted by almost 30%, and only an algorithm knows how long that will last, so…


March Playlist

You can jam on most of the tracks on Spotify here. And for those inspired by the above to geek out on Thin Lizzy, look no further.

February Playlist

Click here to listen on Spotify (minus a couple tracks, unfortunately, one of which being the extra special Faith & Doubt gem from Dion).

January Playlist

Listen on Spotify by clicking here.

November Playlist

Once again with no small thanks to The Well of Sound, the seventh and most ridiculous episode of which dropped this week. You can listen to (most of) the playlist below on Spotify, too.

  1. Freedom Blues – Little Richard
  2. Rockin’ On My Porch – Jackson Sisters
  3. Poor Boy (The Greenwood) – Electric Light Orchestra
  4. Adored – Hatchie
  5. Blow It Out – The Features
  6. I Can’t Take It (Like) – Cheap Trick
  7. We Won’t Be In Your Way Anymore – Irma Thomas
  8. We Can Talk – The Band
  9. The Woman In the Moon – Barbra Streisand
  10. Chaume Trappist – Beware the Images
  11. Jesus – Vincent
  12. Sing the Changes – The Fireman
  13. Photograph (feat. Natalie Merchant) – R.E.M.
  14. Easier (feat. Molly Parden) – Sons of Bill
  15. Invisible Ink – Aimee Mann
  16. Shandi – KISS
  17. Dear Lord – Thin Lizzy
  18. Born in Chains – Leonard Cohen

P.S. New Liturgical Folk record out this week, Crumbs, and it’s fantastic. A must for anyone interested in BCP-derived indie gorgeousness. Tracks coming soon.

P.P.S. Counting the days til the release of the new Beware the Images EP, Burst Transmission, one track of which we have the privilege of previewing above.

October Playlist

  1. Sock It to Yourself – Little Jerry Williams
  2. The Feeling is Right – Doris Duke
  3. Till Dawn – T. Rex
  4. Rock Soldiers – Ace Frehley
  5. Hard Luck Woman – Kiss
  6. Jesus Gonna Build Me A Home – John Davis
  7. Righteous Rocker (Hard Rock Version) – Larry Norman
  8. When He Was No One (I Knew Jesus) – Swamp Dogg
  9. I Can’t Stop the Rain – Peter Criss
  10. 1974 – Amy Grant
  11. I’ve Been Surprised – Josh White
  12. Politics of Love – Alex Cameron
  13. Baybee – Jay Som
  14. Ladies Don’t Play Guitar – Tennis
  15. No More Cryin’ – Steve Perry
  16. Feeling Mortal – Kris Kristofferson
  17. Life is Golden – Suede
  18. Leaning on You – Cindy Morgan

Leaning heavily on some upcoming episodes of The Well of Sound this time, along with our recent Christian Rock convo on The Mockingcast. Click here to listen on Spotify (minus two tracks).


September Playlist

  1. Moonriser – Roy Wood
  2. So It Goes – Nick Lowe
  3. Fox on the Run – Manfred Mann
  4. I Never Believed in Love – Annie Haslam
  5. Exile Rag – Kyle Craft
  6. The Day Brings – Brad
  7. The Stairs – INXS
  8. Who’s Zoomin’ Who? – Aretha Franklin
  9. Goodbye Horses – Q Lazzarus
  10. If I Knew You Were the One – Richard Twice
  11. Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy – Michel Pagliaro
  12. Lightning Rose – Jefferson Starship
  13. The Plan – Built to Spill
  14. Get Me – Dinosaur JR.
  15. Alcoholiday – Teenage Fanclub
  16. Pulsar – Ride
  17. Frozen – Madonna
  18. By the River – Mt. Desolation

You can listen to (most of) it on Spotify here.

August Playlist

  1. You Look Like a Lady – Lee Hazlewood
  2. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace – Terry Reid
  3. Baby It’s You – Smith
  4. The Weight – King Curtis
  5. Fancy – Bobbie Gentry
  6. Heartbreak Hotel – The Orlons
  7. Songs of Praise – Roy Wood
  8. If It Ever Stops Raining – Graham Parker
  9. The Housefire – Turnpike Troubadours
  10. Here’s Where the Story Ends – The Sundays
  11. Heat Wave (Edit) – Snail Mail
  12. Zeroes (2018) – David Bowie
  13. On Top of the World – Cheap Trick
  14. Davy’s On the Road Again – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
  15. Groovin’ With Jesus – Humble Pie
  16. E.S.U.S. – Leon Patillo
  17. First Light – Richard and Linda Thompson
  18. Son of Calvary – Shaver

Click here to listen (to most of it) on Spotify.

July Playlist

  1. Ageless Beauty – Stars
  2. My Love Will Not Let You Down – Bruce Springsteen
  3. No Secrets – The Angels
  4. Discovering Japan – Graham Parker
  5. Galveston – Craig Finn
  6. Good Not Great – The Domestics
  7. Anyway I Can – The Choir
  8. July, July! – The Decemberists
  9. Fire in a Rainstorm – Terry Melcher
  10. Back Road into Town – The Staple Singers
  11. Willie & Laura Mae Jones – Dusty Springfield
  12. Kokomo – Little Feat
  13. Jesus is Just Alright – The Byrds
  14. Believer/Pretender – Sons of Bill
  15. Don’t Answer Me – The Alan Parsons Project
  16. I Don’t Want to Hold Your Hand – Rupert Holmes
  17. I Never Said I Was Deep – Jarvis Cocker
  18. Cosmic Cowboy – Barry McGuire

P.S. We’re in the midst of making the playlists available on Spotify, working our way backward from the present. Here’s the link to this month’s.