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We’re All Right? Phil Harvey Spector, “Sign of the Times”, and the Horror of Pop

The following was written by our friend, Rachel Gaffin. A version of this article was originally published in The Ruckus last September. The year my brother Richard discovered rock and roll, his Christmas gifts shared a common theme: one uncle bought him a giant red Visual Dictionary of Rock and Roll; another bought him a set […]

Can You Hear Me Now? Spiritualized on Transcendence, The Ache and Rock n Roll Redemption

We are privileged to be able to bring you this beast of an essay from Daniel Matthew Varley on one of our favorite bands (more info about Dan at the bottom): 1. Spiritualized’s 2003 album, Amazing Grace, features a cover photo of a bare outstretched female arm, elbow slightly bent, hand completely open, its fingers […]

Silent Night Day 4: Phil Spector

Dion and Phil Spector Go To The Moon

While we bide our time waiting for the long-awaited Phil Spector documentary, The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector to find distribution, the convicted producer’s monumental collaboration with Dion, Born To Be With You begs for some (re-)consideration. Also known as Pete Townshend’s and Jason Pierce’s (of Spiritualized) favorite record, it received close to no […]

Another Week Ends: Phil Spector, The Beatles, Les Mis, The Dark Knight, Bono

1. That Phil Spector lost his case came as no surprise to many of us. Still, as a long-time Spector fan/fanatic, the whole thing has hit me rather hard. Let us not forget that in 2002 he told a reporter, “to all intents and purposes I would say I’m probably relatively insane, to an extent…I […]

Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

I used to make mixtapes every December and send them out instead of Christmas cards. They started out as a way to share music with friends but eventually evolved into thematic things, where I would thread songs together to tell a story, usually the Christmas story. When tape-decks became a scarcity, I tried making the […]