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The Insomnia Epidemic and Mother’s (New) Little Helper

The NY Times recently published a worthy rejoinder to all the recent hubbub about the Mancession with a look into what has become something of an epidemic of sleeplessness among American women, “Sleep Medication: Mother’s New Little Helper.” We’re fond on this site of using 3am mental traffic as a barometer of what’s really going […]

The Myth of the Perfect (Christian) Parent

A friend emailed this article to me from Christianity Today that I had somehow missed, about the pitfalls of being the perfect Christian parent. The themes of guilt, shame, anxiety (i.e., Law) about producing Christian children are not unfamiliar to MBird readers. Unfortunately, as the author notes, they are also recurrent themes in Christian parenting. […]

The 20-Ton Shield of Perfection(ism)

From, a smart look at the subject of perfectionism by Brene Brown entitled “Want To Be Happy? Stop Trying To Be Perfect”. Although the “solutions” section definitely veers into self-help land, her discussion of the mechanics of the Law is pretty spot-on/convicting. Speaking as someone who “struggles with” this issue, I find that most […]

Welcome to the 3-D Jungle (of Pandora) – James Cameron’s Avatar

As Avatar-fever begins to grip the nation and the world, writer/director/deep-sea-diver James Cameron is once again back in the spotlight. Any time an ambitious and successful figure takes such a long layoff (Axl Rose), it is important to take note – has it really been 12 years since Titanic?! How our hearts have gone on… […]