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The Sisyphean Rhythm of Strange Negotiations

This review was written by Kurt Armstrong. Let’s start at the end: David Bazan, the subject of Brandon Vedder’s film Strange Negotiations, loads guitars and amps into the back of his van, gets behind the wheel, and backs away from his house. Back on the road to play a new string of shows, leaving behind […]

Another Week Ends: Jean Vanier, Amen Dunes, Father Freeman, Invisibilia, 1 Corinthians (Ortberg Translation), and A Flock of (Hotel) Seagulls

1. Stephen Freeman, at it again, this time translating the story of the rich man and the eye of the needle. Freeman offers that maybe we should read the pronouncement today as saying that it is impossible for the middle-class man to make it to heaven, not just the rich man. Freeman argues that whenever […]

Pedro The Lion On Songwriting

David Bazan is a rare breed. As the songwriter behind Pedro the Lion, he pulled off something extraordinary, singing songs of devastating honesty from a distinctly Christian point of view. Bazan’s songs, to quote Dylan, don’t “turn a blind eye to the dark side of human nature”; they are deeply cynical and deeply hopeful. The […]