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The Humanity of Harassment

I’ve been trying to find a way in to writing about the rash of Hollywood headlines, and sexual harassment more generally, and may have finally found one. Don’t think I wasn’t tempted to take Sarah Silverman up on her question–the key question, as far as I can tell, but also too important of one to […]

Whatever You Do, Don’t… Empathize?

I guess it’s unavoidable: once something becomes a buzzword it’s doomed. Perhaps that’s the whole point of calling something a “buzzword”. Like a celebrity with a rabid following, the quality or concept being described reaches a level of public esteem where there is more to be gained from tearing it down than embracing further. More […]

The Pain, The Pleasure and The Pepper

An amusing addition to the annals of human foibles, with a slight tree-of-good-and-evil aspect, from this morning’s NY Times: Others, notably Dr. Paul Rozin at the University of Pennsylvania, argue that the beneficial effects [of eating spicy chilis] are too small to explain the great human love of chili-spiced food. “I don’t think they have […]

The Moral Life Of Babies

From a fascinating article in this weekend’s NY Times magazine by Paul Bloom detailing some recent research into the subject Baby Morality. Prime 2 Cor 2:14 material, with some heavy doses of original sin. Some excerpts: Why would anyone even entertain the thought of babies as moral beings? From Sigmund Freud to Jean Piaget to […]