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The Word Within the Fracture: 20 Years of Infinite Jest, pt 2

To read part one, click here. (End)notes From Underground As much as Wallace’s bottoming out (and subsequent halfway house rehabilitation) contributed to the figure we now recognize as DFW, what proved decisive for the transformation of his moral imagination was his discovery of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky modeled earnest engagement with moral matters without succumbing to […]

Empathy Lessons for the App Generation

This week, Sherry Turkle picked up where she left off in her NYT article a few years ago, “The Flight from Conversation.” This time, Turkle, who has a new book out, is talking about the lack of conversation skills in today’s young people, but more importantly, how their lack of face-to-face interaction has deeper consequences for learning the lessons of […]


Strictly speaking, casuistry is a case-based system of flexible moral reasoning which relies upon abstract methods in order to achieve an ‘optimal solution’ to a dilemma. The video speaks to the very problem with this sort of arbitrary, human reasoning (as opposed to definite laws which are given by God) because no such human-derived solution […]