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On Hula Hooping, First Grade Bullies, and Living Language: Mere Words and the Word

Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear and vivid and cruel! One could not escape from them. And yet what a subtle magic there was in them! They seemed to be able to give a plastic form to formless things, and to have a music of their own as sweet of that of […]

My Heart Would Poison You, But God Wants My Poison Heart

I just came across this quote from Yitzhak Zuckerman, who was a Jewish resistance movement leader in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during World War II: If you could lick my heart, it would poison you. Wow! You see, although a hero of the resistance movement, plagued by survivor guilt, he became an uncontrollable alcoholic later […]

The Humbling of Oscar Wilde, Part 4

I thought it fitting to end this little series on Oscar Wilde with what is probably my favorite Wilde quotation. (Click for: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 3.5.) Christ, like all fascinating personalities, had the power not merely of saying beautiful things himself, but of making other people say beautiful things to […]

The Humbling of Oscar Wilde, Part 3.5

Wilde wrote so much on the subject of suffering and rebirth that this series could go on forever. (Sadly, it won’t. The final installment comes next week). For those interested, the full account of Wilde’s prison writings can be found here. For an academic summary of the tenor of this series click here. “I have […]

The Humbling of Oscar Wilde, Part 3

The follow is the third of four posts highlighting the deeply Christian thought of Oscar Wilde while serving time in Reading Gaol. Having been given a Greek New Testament for reading, Wilde thinks about the suffering of his life and the person of Christ in a fresh way. The passage below reflects a version of […]

The Humbling of Oscar Wilde, Part 2

The second of at least four posts examining the prison letters of Oscar Wilde, we come to one of the most powerful passages the great writer ever composed, the one detailing what can only be called his conversion (deathbed baptism aside…!). It’s as startling a picture of repentance and humility, a la Luke 9:24, as […]

The Humbling of Oscar Wilde, Part 1

Michael Vick is not the only one to have gone to prison, lost everything, and somehow through it, find an abundance life and repentance. The following begins a short series that highlights some of his points of truly inspired brilliance. More than his “Ballad of Reading Gaol,” his prose letters to friends sent out once […]

From The Ballad Of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde

And thus we rust Life’s iron chain
Degraded and alone:
And some men curse, and some men weep,
And some men make no moan:
But God’s eternal Laws are kind
And break the heart of stone.
And every human heart that breaks,
In prison-cell or yard,
Is as that broken box that gave
Its treasure to the Lord,
And filled the unclean leper’s house
With the scent of costliest nard.
Ah! happy they whose hearts can break
And peace of pardon win!
How else may man make straight his plan
And cleanse his soul from Sin?
How else but through a broken heart
May Lord Christ enter in? 

Oscar Wilde… also bringing you the Gospel

Mockingbird talks a lot about movies and music. Much of the time though we can’t do the thing we really want to do — which is give you the whole song or movie. You know: click here and watch the whole thing now! But… there’s a whole lot of fiction, especially short stories, that are […]