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PZ’s Podcast: I Live on a Battlefield

He’s back!! Sincerest apologies to all the faithful PZP listeners who noticed that the cast had disappeared from iTunes this summer. We’ve had some technical issues which have now been resolved, ptL. Older episodes (pre-210) should be back on iTunes soon. For now, though, we have a brand new one for you:

EPISODE 229: I Live on a Battlefield

A penetrating comment recently from a friend set up a chain reaction inside me that’s resulted in this new cast. After a long hiatus and with the support of Mockingbird, I’m starting back up and hope these new episodes may speak.

My friend, who is about my age, observed that everyone we know, without exception — that’s the “hard” part of the saying — has suffered some arresting impasse or insuperable loss, some decisive disappointment or unconquerable conflict, which they simply cannot get over.

I agree with my friend.

Moreover, people in situations of undeniable blockage often turn to God, or whatever/wherever they think God may be. And it is there, at this conscious point of need, that churches “come out” as being out of their depth and shockingly irrelevant to human suffering. Sadly, I know — Mary and I know.

In points of distress since 2007 we have tried so many parishes and churches. We have crawled on our knees to hoped-for altars of comfort and hope, and received… nothing. I mean, nothing! There are exceptions, such as All Saints, Winter Park (FL) and Calvary/St. George in New York City. And there are others. But for the most part, you abase yourself in search of a word of hope and grace, and you get a junior-choir awards ceremony; or a sermon consisting wholly of platitudes without a single illustration; or an exhausting summons to a social cause; or a public baptism of perfect strangers who are actually strangers to the parish but can fill up some pews on a given Sunday. “It’s like a jungle sometimes/It makes me wonder/How I keep from goin’ under” (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, 1982)

So I’m talking today about the universal in-reach of pain, and some of the resources I have found in recent months to stanch it. And I promise you, this is “Only the Beginning” (Chicago, 1969)…

Opening Welcome from Paul Zahl at the 10th Annual Mockingbird Conference 2017

All right, ladies and gents, here we go! The first video from this year’s NYC conference has arrived. Leading off with Paul Zahl’s incredible opening welcome: “It’s not Mockingbird — it’s the ancient, unalloyed message of the Christian gospel.”

Opening Welcome ~ Paul Zahl The 10th Annual Mockingbird Conference 2017 – from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

Children, Go Where Nick Lowe Sends Thee

Normally we prefer to stick to the convention of not talking Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but Nick Lowe has made it way too tempting this year. His Quality Street record arrived last week and it’s brilliant! Definitely the Mbird pick for this holiday season. To wit:

P.S. In the great-job-internet department, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Nick Lowe Was Born in Bethlehem (and Eddie Vedder Is Overwhelmed by Grace)

Two delightful surprises that just couldn’t wait til tomorrow’s round-up, both from the world of what is not-so-affectionately known as “dad-rock”. First, there’s the absolutely immaculate (!) first taste of Mbird fave Nick Lowe’s forthcoming Christmas record, “I Was Born In Bethlehem,” an offertory in the making if I’ve ever heard one. The song is the product of Nick imagining what it would be like to encounter Jesus in the seat next to him on an airplane and asking, “So, what do you do?” USA Today, who debuted the track yesterday described it as, “the kind of plainspoken retelling of the Nativity that [Nick’s one-time father-in-law] Johnny Cash might have enjoyed, humanizing Jesus but never diminishing him.” Favorite line is the final one: “I’ve done what I can/To be there when a man/can’t find a friend/I was born in Bethlehem”.

Secondly, the great Grunge-father in the sky must have read our Nirvana tribute–why else would he smile on us as sweetly as he has with the new Pearl Jam single, “Sirens.” Mortality has inspired a number of Eddie Vedder’s finest songs over the years, and this one ranks right up there with the very best, even if it sounds dangerously Coldplay-ish in parts. But Eddie proves he can still tingle spines with that inimitable voice of his, especially when given lines like: “If I think too much/ I can get over-/whelmed by the grace by which we live/ our lives with death over our shoulders.”

Another Week Ends: Death Row Forgiveness, Sheen on Addiction, Hemingway’s Paranoia, Risky Professions, Nick Lowe, Tami Taylor & Werner’s Where’s Waldo

1. A supremely powerful story about the forgiveness of one’s enemies over on CNN. It concerns Mark Anthony Stroman, a white supremacist on death row in Texas for a slew of hate crimes, including murder, that he committed just after 9/11. One of the men that he shot during his spree, a Muslim named Rais […]

Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds Were Born Fighting

Last week’s long-awaited reissue of Nick Lowe’s classic 1979 Labour of Lust record brought to light a previously unseen documentary about its recording, “Born Fighters.” At the time, Nick was a member of Rockpile, a group whose one album under their own name tells only a fraction of their story. In fact, the closest corollary […]

What’s So Funny About Nick Lowe? Cruel Kindness, Lying Men and Failed Christians

In 2002, The A/V Club ran a column called “Is There a God?”where they asked a bunch of celebrities, presumably as part of their regular interviews, the God question point blank. While my favorite answer was probably from American Movie guru Mark Borchardt (Q: Is there a God? MB: Why ask me?), my second favorite […]

Johnny Cash sings Nick Lowe

A lot of people don’t know that Nick Lowe was married to Johnny Cash’s step-daughter, Carlene Carter. Here’s Johnny doing one of Nick’s songs, “The Beast In Me”, which I think was also featured in an episode of The Soprano’s. It’s pretty powerful: