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“Wake me up inside…” (part 5a): Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Reconciliation (iv.1.58)

iv.1.58.4 Barth works out the threefold form of the Christological aspect of the doctrine of the reconciliation*. In and by Jesus, humanity is confronted with God. In Jesus, God—by becoming man—actively intervenes and takes up His cause—the covenant—“with and against and for man”. Jesus “is the authentic revealer of God as Himself God”. By Jesus […]

Luther didn’t start the fire: Peter Waldo (1170-1184)

From here: Some men’s personal lives are eclipsed by the movements they start. Peter Waldo was such a man. He appears on the scene of history in 1170 in Lyons as a successful businessman who, touched to his core by a traveling minstrel’s religious ballad, gave away his money to live in poverty as a […]

Reformation Day Quiz: Punk Rock Edition

Early Reformation Day Quiz: Can you name the man in this picture? (Note the Stealth bomber bolo tie and unmistakable Halloween-themed Jack T. Chick tract) Here at Mockingbird, we’re always looking for people, places, and cultural artifacts “out there” that reflect the historic truths of the Christian message (helpfully articulated by the Reformers we celebrate […]

Leon Morris on The Atonement

“We ought to be quite clear that no full and final theory of the atonement has yet been given and that this is not simply because we have not yet been fortunate enough to hit on the right solution. It is because we are not good enough as men and not profound enough as thinkers […]

Joel Osteen: Crazier Than We First Thought?

Proofs that can be derived from this video: 1) We always thought Joel Osteen interpreted the Bible wrong. Now we can rightly assume that he has simply never read it before (especially the New Testament). 2) If Joel Osteen is going to live under the law, at least he has the moxy to live under […]

Fern Seed and Elephants

Fitz Allison suggested at the recent Mockingbird conference that we take a look at an essay by C.S. Lewis called “Fern Seed and Elephants.” It was in the context of Fitz talking about how to read the Bible — and how it makes a big difference, as it does when you are falling in love, […]

Mockingbird Glossary: Pneumatology aka The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

A basic theological question in Christianity is: how is God present to us today? In New Testament times, the answer was pretty easy: God is present to us in Jesus of Nazareth. If you lived back then and you wanted to be near to God, a good bet was to go find this Jesus character […]

How Will You Keep Christmas This Year? (Part 4)

Having considered in previous installments of this series why Christ came into the world, we turn our attention now to how he came. Jesus came in the manner of God’s king, the Messiah, and he came in such a way that his birth, life, death and resurrection fulfilled all that had been foretold of him […]

Exclusive Interview: Mark Galli of Christianity Today (pt. 1)

Back in July, many of us at Mockingbird discovered (see earlier blog posts here and here) the writings of Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of Evangelicalism (started in 1956 by Billy Graham). Galli’s grasp of the Gospel—God’s grace in Jesus Christ to broken human beings (including Christians who can’t […]

Setting Vengeance Against the New Testament in Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit

In his working notes for Little Dorrit, called Number Plans, Dickens described the following scene under the heading, ‘Set the darkness and vengeance against the New Testament’. In it, the Mrs. Clennam character is attempting to justify a crime she has committed in the service of ‘fighting sin’, to the title character (ht PZ): “I […]

Nick Cave Introduces the Gospel of Mark

Almost ten years ago, Canongate Books published a series of single books from the Bible with prefaces from some unlikely people. Bono did the Psalms, Doris Lessing took Ecclesiastes, and Australian post-punk/goth singer-songwriter Nick Cave introduced Mark. I hadn’t gotten around to reading Cave’s piece until recently. For those with only a passing familiarity with […]

Your Value: How Kafkaesque!

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. He was lying on his hard, as it were armor-plated, back and when he lifted his head a little he could see his dome-like brown belly divided into stiff arched segments on top of which […]