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Science Is Not the Enemy (But with Friends Like These…)

The New Republic recently posted some pretty provocative thoughts on (capital-s) Science – you know, the discipline that’s been martyred and victimized in the contemporary era like none other (?). Not that adjudicating on the territory of different fields of study is particularly fun or interesting, but there are definitely some nuggets in this piece, and also […]

Complicity, Fear and Decadence (When It Comes to Keith Richards)

Interesting observation by David Hajdu in The New Republic: “I’ve always loved Keith, while knowing that my voyeuristic fascination with his decadence is a kind of sadism and, as such, a kind of cowardice. I’ve been too fearful of the likely consequences to dare trying more than an eensy fraction of the things he has […]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Derrida?

I may be dating myself as someone who can no longer watch “30 Something” vicariously, but growing up, one of my favorite genres of books was the Choose Your Own Adventure Series. Like most fans of these books, I would keep a finger on the page when you were given to choose to see if […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Philip Seymour Hoffman

I watched The Savages the other night, and it’s really good. One of the executive producers, Jim Taylor (in a bit of kismet, Taylor is the writing partner of my profilee last month, Alexander Payne) said in an interview that The Savages wasn’t “long on plot.” That’s an understatement. If you want plot, watch The […]