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The Essence of Christianity (Plus)

A couple of brand-new bonus recordings to which to draw your attention on this Tuesday afternoon:

  • Scott Jones and Bill Borrer interviewing Paul Zahl about “The Essence of Christianity” for their stellar New Persuasive Words podcast (which you can subscribe to here). You might think of it as a preview of the in-person conversation they’re going to have in April:

Sometimes these things don’t turn out as well as you’d hope. But sometimes they do, which seems to have been the case here. Or so we’ve been told, thank God.

Personalizing Law and the Awkwardness of Kissing Albertine

Many pastors feel they’re losing credibility. A greater attention to the Law in human experience could help regain it.

Along with preaching the Gospel, which overwhelms and effaces our faults, there is still, in Luther’s thought at least, the need to preach God’s Law, which – in addition to making sense of the world around us – lets us know how we stand before God, which is always as those who are spiritually impoverished in themselves and in need of continual mercy. As grace comes into focus only when we know we have done wrong, so the Gospel comes into focus only when…

A New Pentecost, or Maybe Just a Rhetorical Revival, According to Peanuts

We have written several pieces on Charles Schulz’s Peanuts here before, and in particular on Robert L. Short’s prophetic interpretation in his The Gospel According to Peanuts (1965) here, here, and here. Both Peanuts in general and Short’s book in particular have played meaningful roles in my life ever since my conversion to Christian faith. In fact, […]

A Mini-Conference Preview, Pt 4: Paul Zahl’s New Persuasive Words, Talk 2

As part of the preview for our upcoming mini-conference in Pensacola (Nov. 19&20), we are pleased to offer the second talk from Paul Zahl’s wonderful New Persuasive Words DVD. Dr. Zahl will be speaking in Pensacola on the subject of “Revisiting the Gospel Message: Grace Again” and “Connecting With the Gospel In and Through the […]

Walker Percy on New Persuasive Words

From Conversations with Walker Percy (ht MS): “The main difficulty is that of language. Of course the deeper themes of my novels are religious. When you speak of religion, it’s almost impossible for a novelist because you have to use the standard words like ‘God’ and ‘salvation’ and ‘baptism,’ ‘faith,’ and the words are pretty […]

Orwell and the English Language

I was watching PZ’s first talk in his New Persuasive Words series and he got me thinking of a tremendous essay by George Orwell called “Politics and the English Language.” They are both concerned with defaced words, language that has been drained of power and vividness and immediate connection to everyday life; that and the Bible! […]

New Persuasive Words for Defaced or Degraded Ones: Mercy, Grace and Hope in an Age of Recession – Paul Zahl

We are very proud to announce the release of a new resource! Our first ever DVD: “The revival in religion will be a rhetorical problem — new persuasive words for defaced or degraded ones.” The great American novelist and playwright Thornton Wilder made this incisive observation in the midst of the Great Depression. His stray […]